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How Much Land Does A Man Need? By Leo Tolstoy


This is my second Penguin Little Black Classics book choice – my first book was A Cup of Sake Beneath the Cherry Tree by Kenkō (read my review here) and I thought this was a great opportunity to read some of Leo Tolstoy’s work. Leo Tolstoy was a Russian writer in the 1800’s and is most famous for his book War and Peace and his other work Anna Karenina. This book has two stories from his original work titled, How Much Land Does a Man Need? and Other Stories published in 1836.

How Much Land Does a Man Need?
The first story is Tolstoy’s famous parable, How Much Land Does a Man Need? which tells the tale of a Russian peasant farmer who boasts a lot and becomes a little greedy. The beginning of the story Read the rest of this entry

Survivor by Lesley Pearse


Lesley Pearse is one of my favourite authors and Survivor is the follow up to her books Belle and The Promise. I loved those books and really enjoyed following Belle and Etienne’s stories and so Survivor was a must read for me.

In this book Belle, Etienne and Mog are minor characters as we are following the story of their daughter Mariette. Read the rest of this entry

The Christmas Party by Carole Matthews


When I heard that Carole Matthews had a new Christmas book out called The Christmas Party, I couldn’t wait to read it as I loved her book Calling Mrs Christmas in 2013.

The story follows the key characters who are part of a huge global corporate company at their work Christmas party. Work hard and play hard is the theme in this story and the Christmas party is the pinnacle of the year where all staff get to enjoy themselves, drink, eat and be merry.

Overall I was Read the rest of this entry

Round and Round by Terry Tyler


I have read some of Terry Tyler’s previous books and enjoyed them and so I decided to read Round and Round also.

We follow Sophie, who in her past had to choose between 4 men of who to spend her future with. Chris is her boyfriend, a bit of a sponger and a bit boring. Sebastian is a rich painter who sounds cute but there is always something about him that warns danger, stay away. Neil at the theatre sounded lovely and Kieran Greenleaf is a musician, but seemed to boast too much and is a bit lazy. Who should she pick? Read the rest of this entry