Round and Round by Terry Tyler


I have read some of Terry Tyler’s previous books and enjoyed them and so I decided to read Round and Round also.

We follow Sophie, who in her past had to choose between 4 men of who to spend her future with. Chris is her boyfriend, a bit of a sponger and a bit boring. Sebastian is a rich painter who sounds cute but there is always something about him that warns danger, stay away. Neil at the theatre sounded lovely and Kieran Greenleaf is a musician, but seemed to boast too much and is a bit lazy. Who should she pick?

Well she played safe and stayed with Chris and we follow her life with him. We get the impression that they love each other and they do stay together for years but it never seems like a happy relationship and the spark is gone.

Sophie is a likable character and we want her to be happy and it is understandable that she doesn’t want to take a risk to leave Chris and what she knows. She does represent a strong woman as she gets her career sorted and leads a comfortable life. Dating 4 men at the same time is an interesting thing to do and it is surprising Sophie would do that too. Plus cheating isn’t right and whilst we feel sorry for her that Chris is cheating on her too and she hasn’t found real happiness she is the victim of her own decisions. Sophie likes the attention, the risks etc. and this is a disappointing flaw in her character. The title Round and Round may indicate the decisions she is making and her flashback moments of what could have happened but it may also indicate the saying – ‘what goes around comes around’. Sophie cheated and got cheated on and is unhappy.

Each guy represents a different way of life and aspects of society – e.g. Kieran is the bad boy, risk taker and Chris is boring. This story is all about what attracts women, choices and happiness but for me also has a moral lesson that you should always be true to yourself and make the right decision that will make you happy. Also don’t be scared to. The guys are believable also and I am sure we have all encountered a version of each one in real life. This helps us connect with Sophie more as we get to know her so well that we want to give her advice while reading the story.

The story is like a very straightforward romantic chick read but what I loved is that a little magic is added into it later on with Aunt Flick and her magical tree. Aunt Flick acts as Sophie’s guardian angel after she dies and there is always a hint that she is helping Sophie in life. This is shown when Sophie dreams what her life would have been life if she went with any of her other choices. The magic added another level to this story making it a modern day fairy story, a bit like in Cinderella. It adds another emotional aspect to the story. On one level we are getting to know Sophie, her feelings and emotions and screaming at her sometimes to wake up and get rid of Chris, but on a another level we are made to think about our own life choices and if there someone guiding us in life too – our own guardian angels.

This story is a modern fairy story about happiness and love. Sophie does find a good man in the end and the ending of the story is definitely an awww, happy tears moment. Overall Terry has written another great book and her writing style makes it believable and easy to read. I enjoyed it and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a modern fairy story to read.

Have you read any other of Terry Tyler’s books?

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  1. Anita, thanks so much for this lovely, well thought out review, what a lovely surprise! And top marks for seeing the double meaning of the title – it’s something I often try to do with titles, I like them to mean more than one thing.

  2. Great review! I also loved Round and Round 🙂 I have read others of hers and they have all been wonderful books but you absolutely must read Kings and Queens – it’s terrific and the highly anticipated sequel Last Child is coming soon!

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