The Colour of Magic by Terry Pratchett


I was looking for something different to read and my fiancée (now husband) recommended Terry Pratchett’s books as I liked the tv adaptions. So I thought I would give The Colour of Magic which is the first Discworld novel a go. I was surprised!

We follow the story of Rincewind and Twoflower through the many adventures they have. Rincewind is a failing wizard who seems to know most of the criminal underworld. He may be rubbish at magic but he is surprisingly perceptive and manages to escape some very difficult situations. Twoflower is a tourist and really naïve. He has lots of cool advanced technology such as his clever imp camera but he seems to think nothing will hurt him. His luggage is so cool and comical – it is like a guard dog made of wood but has a vicious homing instinct that is basically scary. Rincewind is charged to look after Twoflower and it is like an old fashioned comedy duo in a situation comedy.

Terry Pratchett has a very unique writing style – a mix of description to make the reader understand how the Discworld works, footnotes and really flowing narrative. I found the writing style really difficult to get used to when I started the book as it is very different to other books I have read but by the time I was a third in I was hooked and the book ended too soon.

The story is so creative and detailed. I could imagine the characters and what was happening even if some of the events were bizarre but that is the key to these type of books. They are meant to be escapism from the real world. We meet a range of characters in the book and some events do not link up or make much sense but overall the story was really good. There is magic, comedy, action and much more in this book so something for everyone.

This book is for readers who want a fun filled tale and if you haven’t read a Terry Pratchett book before I would recommend starting with this one and like me you will want to read more of the Discworld books afterwards.

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