Bad Brides by Rebecca Chance


I wanted to read a wedding themed book as I am getting married very soon and Bad Brides by Rebecca Chance looked like a fun read. I wasn’t disappointed.

We follow 2 brides-to-be who are high profile in society and are planning their weddings of a lifetime as well as competing for the cover of a new bridal magazine. Milly is marrying her singer boyfriend and will do anything to get good acting roles and what she wants. Brianna Jade has worked hard to get high up in society with the support and drive of her mum Tamra. She is marrying country gentleman Edmund. But nothing ever goes to plan and this book is a rollercoaster of emotions, wedding plans and interesting personalities.

I usually don’t read stories like this but I loved this book and couldn’t put it down. Rebecca has created a story that could be real-life with characters that we could find in Hello magazine. Milly is a spoilt brat and I really didn’t like her but I did feel sorry for her friend Eva who was dominated by Milly. I really wanted her to get a boost of confidence and take the lead in her own life. The story describes Eva more as it progresses and through the eyes of other characters we get more of an impression that Eva is the trendy, more naturally beautiful person in contrast to Milly. Milly’s wedding planner Ludo tells Eva at one point in the story what we are all thinking.

Brianna Jade is in contrast to Milly – she is a more homely character, down to earth but understands that fitting into society, maintaining her good looks etc. are important. I think this is due to her coming from a very poor background and so she appreciates things more. This is more obvious when she gets involved in a pig farm and also gets close to Abel who looks after them. Edmund is very about upper class protocol in this story and whilst learning to be more easygoing he does find it difficult. I also got the impression there was an age gap between Brianna Jade and Edmund which didn’t help.

The characters all developed through the story but the character I loved most was Tamra. She is a determined woman, wants the best for Brianna Jade, is not scared of anything, is tasteful and tells it how it is. Not a woman to get on the wrong side of as some characters did but we still wanted to go out and party with her as it would have been a great night. I felt Tamra really loved her daughter and even if she was very ambitious it seemed she really was genuinely doing everything for her and not for her own gain.

Overall this story was brilliant with all its twists and turns and surprise ending. There are shocks, laughter, tears, concern, really sexy hot scenes and much more in the story. But this is not just a romance story – it is about strong women who try and get what they want, high society and fitting in to what is expected. It is also an inspirational read in parts but like a soap opera in others. That may be why the men take a more back seat in this story too. I highly recommend this book and it will definitely bring lots of glitz and sparkle!

I am hoping my wedding will be less drama and after my honeymoon I will definitely be reading more of Rebecca Chance’s books!

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