Dream on by Terry Tyler


Continuing my reading of Kindle books, I came across Dream On by Terry Tyler when she was promoting it on Twitter. The story follows everyday people who want to be famous.

Dave and his friends form a band called Thor and start gigging around local pubs. But while following them we find out more about Dave, his past and that whilst he dreams of fame and fortune, he doesn’t take his father responsibilities seriously enough. This especially happens when Ariel Swan comes back into Dave’s life and he forgets about how he feels about his ex-girlfriend Janice. Ariel wants to make it in the music business too. So when her friend who is desperate to be famous sees an x-factor style competition Ariel, her friend and Thor all enter. It is intriguing of who will make it but the competition also changes everyone and their outlook on life too.

Terry has created a story which is realistic and shows how life can be complicated. The music business is hard to break into and with 6 people wanting to do that and be famous it becomes even harder. The characters are all good friends and this is portrayed through their close relationships with each other. But each character is also an individual and has their own story to tell. So there’s Dave’s relationship with his ex-girlfriend and son, Shane with his sleeping around antics that in the end get him in a lot of trouble, Ariel and her journey to become famous. But overall I felt I was following a bunch of immature people who whilst happy they were following their dream, really needed to do a lot of growing up too.

Terry’s writing is very easy to read and we can feel the atmosphere at gigs. The story explores some real-life issues such as single mothers, the sad facts of Alzheimer’s and dating disasters. But it also highlights shows such as x-factor and how there is a lot of disappointment when people don’t succeed as well as highs for those that do. They can also destroy someone’s belief in themselves too and Thor in the story did fall apart due to that. I did think it was a shame that we ended up following Ariel for most of this part of the story as Dave and Thor were the main characters and for me Ariel was a more minor character. Terry also added some funny moments into this book such as Shane ending up on the Jeremy Kyle show and Glynis’s act at the auditions.

The one character I felt sorry for in the story was Janice as she just wanted a happy life and love without the fame. So I am glad we followed her too. She was also a contrast to the other characters and their wild lifestyle as she showed that whatever happens in life there are responsibilities too.

Overall this is an enjoyable story about people trying to be famous but also deals with real-life issues too. You will have to read the story if you want to know who makes it in show-business and I would recommend the book for a lighthearted read.

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  1. Thank you so much, I really appreciate this in depth review! You’ve covered the whole book and it’s really interesting seeing your take on it – one thing I love about varied readers is seeing how everyone takes different things from a book, and likes different aspects. Janice tends to be a very popular character, and Dave! Thanks again xx

  2. Thank you for your comment Terry and I am glad you like the review. 🙂
    Yes it is very diverse book in terms of characters and there are many different characters to like or dislike. That is interesting that Janice is very popular with readers.

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