The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion


A work colleague told me about this book and it sounded interesting so I thought I would try it. I wasn’t disappointed as The Rosie Project proved to be a very enjoyable read.

We follow Don who is a college professor with a high IQ, super organised, eccentric, and lacks social skills. He is trying to find the perfect wife which is a challenge but he thinks a questionnaire for women to complete will help. As part of the project he meets Rosie who is totally unsuitable wife material but Don starts to spend a lot of time with. He also helps her try to trace her father. Through the course of the story Don’s life changes and we want him to have a happy ending.

This book is told from a guy’s perspective on dating even though Don is a challenge to find that perfect woman for. He is a character you are not quite sure of to start with especially as he leads a boring life that is full of order. But as the story progresses we really start to like him. Graeme creates a character who we want to succeed as he is a caring, nice guy. Don is also a funny character and his lack of social skills and analytical thinking help set the funny situations up, e.g. the lobster moment and when he learned to dance to name a few. But the story doesn’t make fun of Don in a cruel way – it just sets the incidents up and it is how Don deals with them that make it funny.

I loved this book and Graeme has written an easy to read story that is funny, creative and realistic. There are a range of characters in the story and it is interesting to see Don’s interaction with them. Some he has normal friendships with but others he clashes with. Rosie is the opposite to Don but they become good friends in the story and little sparks start to appear. Graeme shows that everyone is different, they live their lives differently and think differently but we should never judge people as underneath they could be the most caring and lovely person in the world. This is also shown in Don’s relationship with his family. In the end, Don does transform in the story but I do think it goes a little too far as he changes aspects of himself to win the heart of a girl. What happens though – you will have to read the book! It is also to show the contrast to what we think is normal in society and how one must behave.

Overall this book was brilliant and ended too soon. I would recommend it to anyone as it is a unique story but realistic. So if you like romance, ‘awww’ moments, and comedy this is for you. Also it is not just for the girls!

Have you ever read a book that has changed your perspective on something?

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