The Dating Game by Susan Buchanan


This is the second book I have read by Susan Buchanan. Susan asked me if I would like to read and review this book and as I really enjoyed The Christmas Spirit  this book was definitely on my list to read. The Dating Game also interested me as it is about meeting that right guy through using a dating agency. I met my fiancée using an online dating website and from some of the dates I have had before I met him I have some stories!

We follow Gill who is a workaholic and unlucky in love. She runs her own business and has a rubbish work/life balance, but although she has great friends she never seems to find the right guy. So eventually she joins Happy Ever After dating agency. Potential guys’ profiles are assessed and first dates set up. We all have those first date memories and I definitely have some stories to tell too so we can relate to Gill’s nerves and first date experiences. Gill’s social diary is soon packed and we meet some interesting male characters – dreamy Anton, good guy Gary, suspicious Charlie, and young and fun Sean.

Each guy has a different character trait and background and I think Susan has covered all the basic male types. When reading this story I felt as if I was on the dates with Gill. I was so embarrassed for Gill when she was on her first date with Sean and really didn’t see why she gave him a second chance, screaming at her not to trust Charlie and to tell her friends where she was going on their final date as well as trying to urge her to be sensible on it. Gill spoke to her friends a lot during the story and I really felt one of the group too observing her dating agency experiences.

Gill preferred Anton from the moment she met him but a cruel twist to the story takes place that stops their dates. And later Gill does find love in Liam (ironically not from the dating agency but met by chance). I could never quite picture Anton and so he wasn’t a favourite for me. Plus I preferred Liam who sounded amazing. Things change at Christmas for Gill but you will have to read it to see if she does get her happy ending!

Overall I really enjoyed reading this story. I could identify with Gill on her many dates and found the story funny, full of friendship with plenty of ‘awww’ moments. However I didn’t really enjoy the part when the girls were on holiday in Barcelona as it felt as if it was an unexciting sideline to the main story. Also nearer the end of the story, I found myself picking the guy I would like to see Gill with at the end so I am not sure if she made the right choice in the end. But that is my preference. Other than that I would definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoys romances and girly reads as it is a great story.

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