A Dog for Christmas by W. Bruce Cameron


While waiting at the airport to fly home for Christmas I was browsing at the book shop and came across the delightful book A Dog for Christmas by W. Bruce Cameron (published in USA as The Dogs of Christmas). It sounded like a lovely story. Although released as a book for the Christmas period I think it can be read anytime during the year as Christmas doesn’t feature that much. So that’s why I am writing this blog in January.

The story is about Josh who is trying to get over his ex-girlfriend and essentially leads a lonely life. This all changes when his neighbour asks him to look after a dog, Lucy, who happens to be pregnant. Josh has never had a pet before and so seeks advice via the internet and vet. Unfortunately tragedy strikes but also hope as Lucy loses her puppies but gains 5 abandoned ones and Josh’s life is changed for the better. He also gets meets Kerri who works at the animal shelter and sparks definitely appear between them.

I loved this book and couldn’t put it down until the end as it was such a lovely story. Family and love in the human and dog world feature in this story and it is so endearing. We also want to get to know the characters more and have as friends. W. Bruce Cameron has given Lucy and all the puppies their own personalities. We can imagine the comic scene of puppies and cat stand off and when they are bouncing and jumping when playing. Also Lucy communicating with Josh in the looks she gives him shows what a happy little family they are. My favourites were the puppy Cody who is blind and Rufus who is his best friend and acted as a guide for him. I just wanted to cuddle both and take care of them. What was even more endearing was that Rufus was upset when Cody wasn’t around.

This is a lovely fun story but we also learn that caring for dogs isn’t something one can take lightly. The old saying is that ‘a dog is not just for Christmas, they are for life’ and this book shows this. Josh had to get lots of advice to care for Lucy and puppies but he also had to get the puppies adopted. But the story also shows that dogs all have their own personalities and can make your life fulfilling too.

Overall I thought this was a really enjoyable book to read and think if you like dogs and want a heart-warming story to read then this is the story for you.

Have you read any good books featuring dogs?

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  1. I thought Cody and Rufus were so sweet together – good little buddies! I also liked the scenes with the cat when the dogs were scared. It was too funny! Do you have any dogs? I have one dog who I am in love with. My husband and I also foster dogs.

    • Hi
      Thankyou for visiting my blog. I agree the scene with the cat and puppies was really funny…the way they kept approaching and then running away again 🙂 No I don’t have any dogs but I do like them. Aww what breed is your dog? That is also nice that you and your husband foster dogs – I am sure it is very rewarding 🙂


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