The Small Hand (A Ghost Story) by Susan Hill


Susan Hill is a great writer of suspense and mystery and best known for her book The Woman in Black. I discovered her books a few years ago and she is definitely on my list of favourite authors.

The Small Hand is a short ghost story that is full of suspense, emotion and intense moments. Adam Snow is a guy people call to obtain rare and expensive books. One day he comes across a ruined country house and overgrown garden. From there the story begins as a small hand creeps into Adam’s hand while he is in the garden. As the story unfolds the small gentle hand becomes more sinister and Adam goes on a personal journey of the history of the house and the little boy who owns the hand as well as why he has been chosen.

This is a short story and so I can only write a short review as don’t want to spoil it for you! But as soon as you start reading it you will be hooked and caught up in Adam’s story. It is perfect Halloween reading.

What did you think of this ghost story and did you find it as chilling as I did?

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