Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier


Rebecca is one of Du Maurier’s famous works and is a highly acclaimed novel. When we pick it up to read it is one novel we don’t want to be left disappointed. I love her books and have quite a collection now and in each story there are strong characters to love or hate, creative touches to set the scene and mood and each book tells amazing stories.

The story transports us back to good old Monte Carlo where the rich went for holidays and dined in their hotels and then onto Manderley, an old country house with a lot of suggested history through descriptions of minstrels gallery and armour on the walls. Du Maurier’s description of Manderley and its grounds is as ever, brilliant and we are all there watching events happen, smelling the sea and the wild flowers and feeling its tense atmosphere. Also the west wing of the house is very intriguing!

Our heroine is difficult to get to know as she is the shy type and it takes a while to warm to her while the story builds up. But eventually we do and start cheering her on to be more confident and hoping she gets her fairytale romance happy ending. With whirlwind romance and marriage to Mr De Winter everything seems great and this is set up to be an old fashioned romance novel but unexpected things happen when the happy couple go to Manderley……

Rebecca!! – she is the reason to the twists and mysteries to the story. So Rebecca (deceased) was Mr De Winter’s amazing wife, loved by all and hated by none so it seems. Even the housekeeper maintains the house exactly as Rebecca had it. Creepy! Setting the scene up perfectly a love triangle emerges – what would a romance novel be without a love triangle – except one person of the triangle is dead which adds more intrigue. And as the story unfolds more, it gets more interesting, exciting and unexpected…..

This book is indeed another example of how great Du Maurier’s writing is and I would recommend reading it if you haven’t already. Just be aware that it takes a bit of time to get into it, but keep persevering though as you will be gripped to the end once the scene has been set and unfolds.

Have you read Rebecca? Let me know what you think.

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